Today, we are witnessing a renewed interest in herbal medicines, supplements and nutraceuticals. Not only on the part of consumers, alternative physicians but from traditional practitioner as well. Perhaps, the major reason can be attributed to the new emphasis on preventive medicine. We now, know, that lifestyle and nutrition play significant role in preventing disease and a growing recognition that herbs and supplement can help play a vital role in promoting wellness. This growing interest for food supplements, backed by years of experience and business partnership with one of the market leader in the Industry made us decide that its time to put up our own.

Phil-Asia Nutraceutical Corporation was registered last October 2004 in the Securities And Exchange Commission and got its valid License to Operate (LTO No : RDII-RIV-F-2757) from the Food And Drug Administration. Its business activity is to provide toll manufacturing and repacking services for teas, capsules and powders for various clients. The plant is located in the commercial / industrial area of Cainta, Rizal and a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice was issued by the FDA last October 12, 2006.

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